Torii’s mission to make SaaS management easy and effortless

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Torii, Europe’s leading cloud automation platform, recently announced a $10M Series A funding round to accelerate its mission to simplify SaaS management. Founded in 2019 by Jeroen van der Schaaf and Bas van Kessel, Torii helps companies easily automate their SaaS operations.

Through its powerful platform, Torii is providing companies with a way to maximize the value of their software, reduce costs, and streamline the software life cycle.

Let’s take a closer look at what Torii is doing to make SaaS management easier and effortless.

Overview of Torii

Torii is a powerful, user-friendly software management platform that enables users to revolutionize their business operations by providing a comprehensive suite of digital tools to efficiently manage software projects and plan initiatives.

A unique aspect of Torii is its ability to integrate with existing third-party SaaS applications, allowing users to manage their cloud-based applications in one centralized system. This simplifies the tasks associated with tracking, organizing and monitoring different applications and programs.

In addition, Torii’s intuitive interface provides users with an interactive exploration experience while offering a secure environment for sharing data between collaborators. As this data is kept secure via encrypted authentication methods and password protection, Torii ensures confidential information remains accessible only by authorized personnel.

Through the system’s analytics engine, teams can utilize trend forecasting technology to effectively plan project initiatives to optimize workflow processes and maximize efficiency. In addition, by giving users full control over their customization options, Torii makes it easy for teams of all sizes to collaborate on the same platform without feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of system configurations or administrative details.

With its intent to make software management easy, effortless, and secure for all levels of business operations — from small start-ups requiring low-level customization features up through enterprise clients hosting mission critical applications — Torii propels businesses into the digital age with SaaS management excellence.

Overview of Torii’s mission

At Torii, our mission is to make software-as-a-service (SaaS) management and adoption easy and effortless. We provide a powerful platform that empowers enterprises to easily set up and manage their SaaS environment. In addition, our cloud solution enables secure, effortless monitoring and comparison of applications usage for better user experience. We’re committed to providing businesses with the most efficient and seamless way to deploy, operate and store a growing collection of SaaS products from leading providers.

The Torii platform allows IT departments to manage their SaaS deployments on the cloud by unifying all applications into a comprehensive suite. With our platform you can quickly view application footprints–including user adoption analytics–and compare expenditure across various vendors for organization efficiency and cost savings. In addition, our platform has been designed with flexibility in mind; offering custom integrations, rules-based automation capabilities, and scalability support as needed so that as your business grows, we can power up accordingly.

We are dedicated to keeping your data secure while providing an intuitive system with which you can keep track of each application’s utilization, performance metrics, security protocols, billing summaries – all in one place! In addition we have partnered up with providers like Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Slack SSO and Okta Security Integrations to ensure a streamlined process going forward!

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Torii announces $10M Series A to automate SaaS management

Torii, a SaaS management solution, recently announced their $10M Series A funding round led by Tiger Global and Matrix Partners.

The company’s mission is to simplify SaaS management by automating the entire process.

The funds raised will be used to invest in product and engineering initiatives to build out their suite of SaaS management solutions.

Overview of Torii’s Series A funding

Torii, a popular SaaS management platform, recently secured $21M in Series A funding. The round was led by strategic investors such as Imperial Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Propel Venture Partners. Additional participants included other major venture capital firms and existing angel investors. This brings the total seed and Series A investment to $27 million.

The capital will accelerate product development and provide resources for Torii’s continued growth. Torii’s mission has been to simplify SaaS management for small business owners looking for an affordable solution that works just as well as the traditional enterprise solutions.

The new funds will also help strengthen Torii’s focus on customer success through better support services and additional guidance resources — all designed to enhance the user experience across its growing portfolio of over 150 software applications.

Torii’s CEO and co-founder, Paul Crocco is thrilled with this recent infusion of capital: “We couldn’t be more excited about this new injection of strategic-level support from these incredible investors… We are looking forward to expanding our services across our extensive list of clients so that they can see first hand how we help them succeed in managing their SaaS investments.”

How the funding will be used

Raising series A funding is an important milestone for any startup. For Torii, this round of funding will be used to fuel our mission to simplify SaaS management.

Specifically, the proceeds will be used in three key areas:

1) Investment in technology – By investing in the most advanced and up to date technology, Torii will be able to increase its capabilities and improve access of our platform across all industries. Additionally, this investment will help us launch new products to meet the demands of our rapidly growing global customer base.

2) Expansion of international presence – Torii has experienced tremendous growth over the past year and a half from customers worldwide. As such, we must ensure we have sufficient resources at each location to support these customers and extend our reach into new regions and markets. With this additional capital, Torii can open up more offices and hire more personnel abroad who are familiar with local regulations and can provide local expertise.

3) Hiring – To build upon our technological capabilities and continue growing overseas, substantial investments in personnel are necessary. With a larger team on board with diverse backgrounds, we can create innovative software solutions that address specific SaaS issues faced by businesses across industries; harness powerful collaborations;and strengthen customer services globally so everyone can take advantage of what Torii has to offer efficiently & effectively.

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Benefits of Torii’s Automation

Torii, a SaaS management platform, announced a $10M Series A to automate cumbersome SaaS management processes. Torii promises to make SaaS management effortless and time-efficient.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Torii’s automation.

Streamlined SaaS management

By automating SaaS management on Torii, users can efficiently streamline the process and reduce time spent on administrative tasks. With Torii’s automation platform, users can save time and focus on innovation and growth. In addition, automated workflows enable customers to easily deploy applications, reduce compliance risk, automate billing and usage notifications, and manage licenses in one central/ unified environment.

Streamlining SaaS management also makes it easier for IT departments to keep track of users, budgets and inventory levels; allowing team members to be more productive with fewer interruptions or distractions from manual tasks.

Integrating analytics into the platform gives customers better insights into their usage patterns which can aid in budgeting and planning processes. Automation also helps improve operational efficiency by simplifying routine processes like system updates, reducing the costs associated with human errors. Furthermore, automated processes ensure streamlined operations – accelerating development cycles while still maintaining a high level of security without a large staff of IT personnel.

Finally, automation has the added benefit of freeing up resources to focus on new initiatives or developing strategic objectives that take businesses to new heights!

Improved security and compliance

Torii’s automation helps organizations stay compliant and ensure their sensitive data is secure. Automation simplifies the process of logging, managing, and tracking user access, reducing the chances of data misuse or corruption.

Automation also helps organizations meet security standards and provide adequate audit trails to detect threats. Automation allows an organization to have an accurate view of who is accessing what data and when, to identify any anomalies or unauthorized access.

Additionally, automating systems provides comprehensive reporting on activity levels and patching efforts. This allows IT administrators to quickly respond to potential security threats or issues with user accounts.

Cost savings

Torii’s automation technology provides many cost-saving benefits to businesses of all sizes. By streamlining processes and eliminating human errors, Torii’s automation system can drastically reduce the operating costs of any business that utilizes it.

Manual labor costs are drastically reduced as the automation system takes over certain repetitive tasks. But, more importantly, businesses can reduce paper and printing costs by automating certain processes while minimizing waste.

In addition, Torii’s advanced analytics also allows businesses to identify potential problems and target solutions faster than with manual processing. Combining all these features allows for a more efficient operation that can result in significant cost savings for businesses of all sizes.

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Challenges Ahead

Torii announced its $10 million Series A, to revolutionize SaaS management by automating the process, making it easy for users.

Although this may sound like a promising endeavor, there are several challenges ahead that may prove to be difficult to overcome. Let us discuss some of these challenges in this article.

Integration with existing systems

Integrating new systems with existing infrastructure can be a significant challenge for businesses who wish to revolutionize their SaaS management process. This obstacle can potentially increase implementation times and create difficulties ensuring data consistency between multiple sources. Therefore, companies need to be aware of the need to set clear expectations around building these integrations, outlining when and how they will be completed

In addition, it’s worth considering any costs associated with a successful integration. For example, many organizations will need to opt for paid solutions such as premium calculators or real-time sync tools to achieve the desired levels of interoperability between various systems. While proper integration can be a challenge, it can provide invaluable insights into customer data and improve performance once fully implemented.

Adoption of new technology

To Succeed in making SaaS management easier and effortless, Torii has identified an increasingly important challenge – adopting new technology. Without the effective adoption of these technologies, it is difficult to make SaaS management simpler and effortless.

The challenges looming ahead in adopting new technology solutions could be broadly divided into 3 categories – Legacy system integration, Pulling off successful tech automation, and Ensuring security and scalability of the systems.

Legacy system integration: These are existing systems implemented for years that are proving a challenge for complete automation. Due to their size and complexity, traditional systems often prove challenging when making changes and upgrading the existing technology stack. To make the best use of SaaS management, Torii faces the challenge of integrating legacy systems into newer technology stacks.

Pulling off successful tech automation: When implementing new technology solutions like robotic process automation (RPA), Torii must keep up with best practices for efficient automation processes. This applies to RPA and more advanced AI-driven services such as machine learning (ML). Keeping up with this rapidly evolving field would require careful planning and investments in training staff members on how best to use these technologies.

Ensuring security & scalability of the system – As Torii takes over more complex operational procedures involving sensitive customer data, they have added responsibility for secure handling, storage and transmission of data across server nodes or multiple locations. Additionally, they have to plan for scalability while providing services so that sudden surges or drops do not glitch operations off generating a poor user experience or higher cost overhead!

Security and privacy concerns

The shift to cloud-based Software as a Service models has opened new service delivery methods. However, this convenience comes with security and privacy risks. As SaaS usage rises, so do the number of exploitation attempts by malicious actors targeting customer’s data.

Companies must be mindful of updated security protocols when using applications that leverage SaaS models such as Torii’s platform to manage their businesses. Torii takes a comprehensive approach to meet these challenges and ensure its customers’ highest level of data security.

Specifically, our platform is integrated with comprehensive access control, authentication and authorization mechanisms developed by experts in artificial intelligence technology who continuously monitor user activity diagnostics on our platform. Beyond this, we apply various methods such as encryption protocols for uploading sensitive customer information for business operations, data masking for exposing only necessary data points, advanced network segmentation and configurable firewalls to protect vital business information from unauthorized users and cyber-attacks, and finally real-time scans assessing all cloud infrastructure components with analytics-driven correlation of suspicious behavior against baseline metrics.

Torii will continue studying emerging technologies related to cloud computing and apply a robust framework which ensures the utmost protection of its customers’ while create an effortless experience in terms of sustainable growth.


In conclusion, Torii’s mission to simplify and effortless SaaS management is laudable. The company has raised $10 million in a Series A round to further its goal of automating SaaS management. The combination of Torii’s automated approach and a customer-centric outlook could be a winning combination in the long run.

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