How Meta’s WhatsApp payment system works

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The internet has made payment systems more efficient and convenient for shoppers and merchants alike. Meta, a Brazilian fintech company, took convenience to the next level when it launched its WhatsApp-based merchant payment system in April 2021. After obtaining approval from the Brazilian Central Bank, Meta’s WhatsApp-based payment system is now live and operational. In this article, we will discuss how Meta’s WhatsApp payment system works and what features it offers to both consumers and merchants.

Meta’s WhatsApp merchant payment system is designed to be fast, secure, and user-friendly. The platform allows consumers to send payments directly to sellers without leaving their favorite messaging app – reducing the need for paper receipts or physical tokens. Payments can be sent via QR code or word of mouth – both methods reduce the need for bulky wallets or multiple applications on each’s smartphone device.

Consumers only need to link their preferred card account with their verified Whatsapp account in order to complete payments over Meta’s secure platform. By sustaining various safety protocols including multi-factor authentication users have control over personal information while still having access to multiple bank accounts with just one API integration (Application Program Interface). Meta also makes use of WhatsApp’s encrypted notification capabilities that allow real time tracking of transfers between buyers/sellers – giving reassurance in terms of transmission quality assurance as well as delivering door-to-door security against cyber threats such as DDoS attacks or malware correspondence within common environments like iMessage gateways & Hotmail windows etc.

Brazil central bank greenlights Meta’s WhatsApp merchant payment system

Meta, a Brazilian digital banking platform, has recently been given the greenlight by the country’s central bank to launch its WhatsApp merchant payment system. This system is set to revolutionize how merchants and consumers interact with each other by allowing payments to be made quickly and securely through WhatsApp.

This article will provide an overview of how Meta’s WhatsApp merchant payment system works and the potential advantages it could bring to the Brazilian market.

How it works

Meta’s WhatsApp merchant payment system allows businesses to securely accept payments directly through their WhatsApp accounts. The online payment platform, developed by Brazilian startup MetaPay, connects businesses with consumers who can use their debit cards, digital wallets, and invoices to make payments.

Using the system is simple and secure. Merchants must connect their WhatsApp Business accounts with the MetaPay platform and link it with a merchant account. This allows them to receive payments directly from customers via an automated chatbot. Customers then pay for goods or services using their debit and credit card or an invoice service like Mercado Pago. With each purchase, customers can be sent an invoice that includes a QR code or short URL which links to the transaction page on MetaPay’s website where all the details are securely stored. This allows for a seamless buying experience, eliminating the need for paper receipts or manual processing of transactions.

After setting up an account, merchants can customize their own payment channels in terms of screen layout and color scheme, as well as send promotional messages to customers when they complete transactions using MetaPay’s WhatsApp payment system. Upon completion of a purchase, merchants will receive instant confirmation that payment has been made successfully so they can ship goods on time without any hassle.

MetaPay also makes it easy for merchants to track sales data with detailed reports that offer insights into how customers are engaging with their products and services within the platform. This comprehensive business intelligence provides valuable customer metrics to help optimize user experience and optimize marketing campaigns while driving better results over time.

Benefits of using Meta’s WhatsApp Merchant Payment System

Meta’s WhatsApp Merchant Payment System is a secure and fast way for merchants to receive payments for goods and services from customers. This payment system was developed to meet the needs of Brazilian businesses, primarily small and medium-sized ones, in taking advantage of the widespread usage of WhatsApp for communication across the country. It is currently being used by more than 600 companies in Brazil and has been approved by the Brazilian Central Bank, allowing it to be offered as a payment option to merchants conducting business online or in-store.

Meta’s WhatsApp Merchant Payment System allows merchants to collect payments through simple QR code generation that can be easily shared with their customers when they receive an order or purchase request. The customer simply scans the QR code with their WhatsApp application, which then automatically generates an invoice sent directly from Meta to their device. After this process is complete, the customer enters their payment information directly within WhatsApp without ever leaving that platform. This entire process can be completed within minutes and successfully provides both parties with an immediate confirmation regarding the pending transaction status.

Using Meta’s WhatsApp Merchant Payment System provides merchants with additional business benefits including secure mobile payments that are completely PCI DSS compliant alongside increased visibility into incoming paid orders along with a notification via SMS Confirmation directly from Meta – all features of which are clearly displayed within WhatsApp Messenger itself along with full support from a team of experienced professionals at Meta who will act as your account manager during any setup assistance needed for foreign transactions that may arise due to changing international regulatory requirements related within the merchant industry space.

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Brazil Central Bank Greenlights Meta’s WhatsApp Merchant Payment System

In a major breakthrough for digital payments in Brazil, the Central Bank of Brazil has granted approval to Meta’s WhatsApp merchant payment system. This system will allow merchants to accept payments from customers through WhatsApp and make it easier for people to pay online. The system has been designed to integrate with other payment services and is expected to revolutionise digital payments in the country.

Let’s look at how the system works.

What the approval means for Meta and Brazil

The approval from Brazil’s central bank marks a major success for Meta, which has been working to revolutionize payments in the country with its WhatsApp merchant payments system. This system allows anyone with a Smartphone and WhatsApp access to quickly, securely and easily send and receive payments.

With this approval, merchants in Brazil can now accept payments through WhatsApp using Meta’s secure infrastructure and cutting-edge technology. Additionally, Facebook Pay will be enabled in Brazil so that customers can pay with just their Facebook account. This is the first time these features are available universally across Brazil, affording merchants throughout the country access to secure digital payment options that were previously unavailable.

Merchants can now offer their customers a variety of payment options, including credit cards and mobile phones. Customers pay by simply entering their card information into the app or scanning a QR code [Quick Response code], making it easier than ever to make purchases quickly and safely. Consumers also benefit from the security of knowing that all transactions are protected by encryption technology engineered by Meta.

Meta’s decision to focus on the Brazilian market is not surprising considering its large population (more than 211 million people), one of the largest in Latin America and a region where digital payments are growing rapidly due to increasing digital adoption rates among consumers (over 80% for adults). The addition of its new payment system makes it possible for more businesses to take advantage of these digital payment channels without having to set up expensive systems from scratch.

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Challenges for Meta’s WhatsApp Merchant Payment


Meta, a Sao Paulo-based technology and payments provider, recently got approval by Brazil’s central bank to offer a WhatsApp merchant payment system. This system is designed to make payments easy, secure, and instant for Brazilian merchants and customers.

However, the road ahead is filled with challenges in terms of security, compliance, and regulations. Let’s take a deeper look into these challenges.

Regulatory and compliance concerns

Meta’s WhatsApp merchant payment system faces many regulatory and compliance challenges as it navigates through different countries and regions. The Brazilian central bank has approved Meta’s WhatsApp merchant payment system, but there are plenty of regulatory hurdles for the company to navigate.

Regulatory requirements in different countries affect the way payments are processed via Meta’s WhatsApp system. Companies must comply with local rules regarding data protection, customer authentication, and anti-money laundering regulations. Additionally, cross-border payments require compliance with multiple jurisdictional requirements for jurisdictional compliance as well as customer identification procedures.

Other elements of the technology must also be compliant with standards such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). This is a set of security measures that all merchants that accept credit card payments must adhere to; failure to comply could result in fines or even criminal action against the company and its shareholders.

Furthermore, local legislation on taxation might affect how the money is handled between two parties in different regions or jurisdictions. Companies must ensure they understand and abide by any local rules before launching their services in certain areas; failure to do so could lead to significant penalties or even legal repercussions. Companies therefore need a robust strategy for compliance in order to protect their customers as well as their own interests.

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Potential customer resistance

The potential acceptance and widespread adoption of WhatsApp’s merchant payment system in Brazil is subject to various challenges, including customer resistance. While the majority of Brazilians are using platforms like PayPal and Mercado Pago to send payments, it is still a somewhat new concept for them; this could lead to adoption challenges due to consumer unfamiliarity or reluctance. A successful launch of WhatsApp’s merchant payment system would require extensive education, such as advertisement campaigns or informational videos on how easy it is to use.

Another factor that could affect customer resistance are the high fees associated with using this kind of platform. Though Meta’s merchant payment system does not charge any fees, some merchants might choose to apply a fee on their own which makes it less attractive for customers. The lack of viable competition could also lead to pricing complaints from users as they may feel they’re being overcharged in order to use this kind of platform.

Despite these challenges, Meta has already developed an efficient customer service team that will be available 24/7 in case there are any technical issues or unresolved disputes that need assistance. Additionally, Metas has partnered with the leading banks in Brazil in order to ensure reliable support and that payments are received promptly.


In conclusion, Brazil’s central bank has recently approved Meta’s payment system, allowing Brazilian merchants to accept payments via the WhatsApp messaging app. The new payment option is seen by many as an effort to jumpstart Brazil’s digital economy, and increase financial inclusion in the country.

In terms of specifics, Meta’s WhatsApp payment system works as follows: merchants that are authorized will be able to register online and sign up with a service provider such as or PetPay. Customers must then link their bank accounts with the respective service provider’s mobile app and add their debit card details in order to make payments easier via WhatsApp. Meanwhile, the merchant must scan a QR code given by their chosen service provider in order to verify their identity and receive payments.

This new payment option is expected to bring increased convenience both for small businesses that can now accept digital payments flexibly, as well as for customers who can now perform operations faster and more securely than ever before.

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